The National Informatics Centre (NIC) is a premier science and technology organisation of the Government of India established in 1976 to provide e-Governance solutions by adopting best practices, integrated services and global solutions in the Government sector. Later, the establishment of NIC was expanded throughout India by establishing offices at Government level and all District Administration level of all States/UTs.

    Through digital technology, the National Informatics Centre has played an important role as an active catalyst and facilitator in the Information Science Development Programme in the Governments at the national, state and district level, enabling them to take policy decisions such societies that can harness knowledge to gain competitive advantage using the opportunities provided. NIC has been instrumental in adopting Information Technology (IT) and Communication Technology to reach India by applying IT applications in social and public administration. NIC Himachal Pradesh (NIC HP) started its functioning and operation by establishing offices at State Government level and at all District Administration levels in 1988. Later, NIC HP offices were set up in Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly, Himachal Pradesh High Court and Himachal Pradesh Public Administration Institute.

    NIC has been taking the various initiatives of Digital India to improve the delivery of e-Governance services, support e-Governance services, provide implementation, development in IT related areas for all pillars of the State Government through Consultation, Network Support and Designing through National, State and District level initiatives of NIC.